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Dress Socks for Men and Finding the Right Ones


The market for interesting socks has grown in popularity over the past few years. It all started with compression socks designed for workout and running and gradually moved to dress socks. Fabric and technology has come a long way in the last 20 years. Socks are no longer made of just cotton or wool, but they're made from blends with synthetic fibers woven in for added comfort, breathability, and performance. Performance fabrics include things like polyester, rayon, lycra spandex, and a bunch more. A lot of socks these days are made of cotton/polyester blends, while performance wool is gaining huge popularity.


In recent years, dress socks have become increasingly popular, especially among more fashionable teens and college students. Numerous companies who solely produce socks have come on the market in the last few years. Companies like this offer a wide variety of socks and designs. They have numerous color options and various fabrics to pick from. You can get them in any height from no shows to knee highs to ankle height. You can pick from dress socks to socks that are more athlete oriented like running socks. What's important to know is these companies offer a wide variety of stylish socks for the more fashionable individual or athlete.


Sock of the month programs that are designed to send you a new pair or two every month have started showing up on the scene. They even send other interesting fashion accessories that will work well with the socks. You can subscribe to get more funky socks or brightly colored mix matched socks, but the fun is in the surprise. This is a fun option because for a small fee you get a random cool design in the mail. There are a ton of subscription based services like this so go online and see which company offers the best options.


It's always great to have a few nice pairs in your wardrobe. You need to have enough colors and varieties to work with all your outfits. Socks are a very important part of your wardrobe just like shoes, pants, shirt, and belt. They don't always have to match the outfit but you need to be able to pull them off in any setting. Make sure to gauge the event, the party, or the activity you'll be attending and pick socks to match. Events like a wedding will obviously require more traditional socks that match your outfit while a bachelor party could work with funny bright socks that don't match what your wearing.


Next time you go shopping or browsing the internet make sure to visit a few sock websites and pick out a pair or two. Socks are a fun conversation topic and make you more approachable in social settings. A fun sock is a great addition to any outfit in any situation. For more gift ideas for men, you may follow the link.